Going To A College Out Of State (ASU Edition)

Growing up in a small seaside community just north of Boston, Massachusetts, I couldn’t step outside and go to the grocery store or the beach and not see some of my teachers or classmates.

Don’t get me wrong, I loved the familiarity and comfort growing up in a town that’s only 3.4 square miles. However, as I grew older I felt like something was missing in my life, or that I was missing a part of myself that I needed to find.

Yeah, I know…sounds pretty cliche or cheesy, but it’s true. I wanted a change, an adventure, some excitement instead of my monotonous routine. So I decided to move across the country to Phoenix, Arizona to attend Arizona State University.

Let me just say that my college decision has been the best decision I’ve made in my 19 years of living. I have never felt more independent, confident, and comfortable with myself. Between the friends I made and the experiences we had together (many of them learning experiences) and between the classes I took and clubs I joined, I’m so happy I came this far and that I have ended up with these results.

Although moving to college in a different state can be daunting, I highly recommend it. Going to college in general is a big transition no matter how far from home one may travel, but essentially it’s what you make of your education and experiences.

Check out the video below to see what other out of state students had to say about going to college out of state.


Post and video by: Alayna O’Keefe