The Blend Teahouse

Situated in the heart of Downtown Tempe, and conveniently located right next to Fractured Prune Doughnuts, is The Blend Teahouse — a cool hangout for anyone looking for a new coffee shop to check out.

Inside The Blend Teahouse

The Blend features a soothing, urban setting that is coupled with calm and uplifting music. Decorated with comfy chairs, couches and artistic design elements, it is the perfect place to study or just to chill out after a long day.

A strawberry-raspberry slush from The Blend Teahouse

On the menu, there’s creative tea and coffee blends that definitely cater themselves to the working student.

However, The Blend also has a number of smoothie and slush flavors that you can mix together to create your own, refreshing and individualized blend on a typical hot, Arizona day.

Overall, The Blend is a hot spot to visit if you’re seeking a new location to study hard or chill out — it’s completely up to you.

Post and pictures by: Alexandra Wolfe




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