Almost hidden amongst the many alleyways of Downtown Phoenix, what first appears as a charming cottage quickly is revealed to be Songbird, the quaint coffee and tea escape. With brick walls, wooden floors and ceilings, and natural lighting, Songbird harnesses the hygge of home without loosing the ‘trendy young professional’ vibe.

The décor is a refreshing blend between comfortably-stuffed antique low seating and more studious table and chairs; ideal for the ambitious student or anyone who enjoys hole-in-the-wall cafés.

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A refreshing ginger and peach iced tea: from Songbird

Specializing in coffees and tea, Songbird caters to a niche audience, but the variety of ways in which they sell their products gives them a wider range of profitability. Songbird provides mugs and cups to those who chose to stay, and to-go cups for those who take their drinks with them. This coffee and tea refuge takes a step in the direction of protecting the environment. Using additional plastic, such as lids and straws, is up to the consumer’s individual choice as these items are on a separate table.  Songbird stores and sells their loose-leaf tea in glass jars rather than using additional plastic to package their products.

Stepping out of the mainstream coffee shops along Roosevelt Row, Songbird offers a more environmentally conscious take on a delicious variety of coffees and teas.


Photo and blog post by: Sophia Molinar


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