Exploring Camelback Mountain

Despite being a novice hiker, I knew I could not accurately write about hiking Camelback Mountain until attempting it myself.

Hiking during April, I was wary of the heat of mid-day so I began my ascent at 5:00am. Surrounded by complete darkness, I used a headlamp to ensure safety in my footing. The steep and rocky trail, with certain parts being steep enough to require a hand-rail, gave validity to the double black diamond rating of the hike. However, following a more experienced hiker up the trail and taking my time allowed me to conquer Camelback Mountain with ease.

The breathtaking view of the sunrise at the top made waking up so early worth it. A few minutes after I reached the top, a man with a flute and drum joined the few of us who made it in time for the sunrise. He welcomed in the new dawn with peaceful music and allowed us all to enjoy the morning in a calm serenity.

Following my recommended tips for successful hiking will help ensure your success and safety when hiking Camelback Mountain.

Post and video by: Sophia Molinar


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