Seeking adventures in Arizona? So are we. In fact, we found quite a few unique endeavors for those in need of entertaining activities that go beyond watching Netflix.

When you live in Downtown Phoenix, finding ways to escape the city and re-center oneself in nature is essential to maintain a certain level of sanity.

Visiting the Butterfly Wonderland, hiking Camelback Mountain, exploring the Japanese Friendship Garden or walking through the Desert Botanical Garden allow for a break from the rush of the metropolitan lifestyle, and are wonderful experiences!

If you do not have enough time for these larger explorations, there are many wonderful smaller ways to take time out and find fun things to do in the city.

Local coffee shops, such as Monorchid, Fair Trade and Grand Central Coffee each create their own environment and depending on what ‘vibe’ you are looking for, Phoenix has a café that fits.  Traveling to these different locations not only supports local businesses, but encourages a deeper appreciation for the coffee-run culture of Downtown Phoenix.

Video by: Bayne Froney

Blog post by: Sophia Molinar